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Cuvier chateau Maurac


Act 1: from the vine to the vat room

Harvest.   With the conviction that wine is firstly made in the vineyard, the grapes are picked when ripe and in the best possible sanitary condition. This objective guides all our actions. We taste, observe the progress of each plot in order to adapt the harvest date. The harvest is mechanical and lasts approximately 6 to 7 days. When they arrive at the vat room, the grapes are de-stemmed and selected on the sorting table then transported to the vats to begin their fermentation.

The vat room.   As in the vineyards, the work in the cellar is carried out with great simplicity: listening and attention. 16 temperature-controlled stainless steel vats with a capacity of 4 to 150 HL to isolate the plots and grape varieties. This work of plot differentiation, although more constraining in terms of organization, is essential in the production of our different wines (Maurac, Vignes de Cabaleyran, Les Jumelles) . Modestly, we try to express the richness of this mosaic of terroir.

Cuve inox maurac
Chai à barriques chateau Maurac

Act 2: from the vat room to the cellar

The barrel cellar.   Functional, quiet, without artifice. After vinification, the wines are lowered into barrels where they will age between 12 and 18 months depending on the vintage. Little intervention: no racking, little topping up, regular tasting to follow the evolution of the aging process. The use of new wood is done sparingly, in order to preserve the identity of the fruit. As for vinification, the plots are aged separately and will evolve differently in contact with wood. 

Act 3: from the cellar to the bottle

Assembly. A first theoretical assembly is carried out after the vinifications then a second time 12 months later, at the end of the aging, in order to confirm or improve our choices.

This blending work will draw the contours of our 3 wines, made up of different plots and grape varieties: Maurac, the property's main wine. Croix de Cabaleyran, selection of young plots of Merlot. Vignes de Cabaleyran, selection of old plots of gravel.

The bottling is carried out without fining with a light filtration. The wines then wait 6 months in the cellar to stabilize.

assemblage chateau maurac
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